Overcoming a Friday the 13th!

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Divorce is usually a tough process emotionally, so it’s sorta like piling on to be going through a divorce, or any other litigation, and also have to deal with a Friday the 13th! One of my favorite blogs is the Positivity Blog  and they have a post today that doesn’t mention Friday the 13th, but it seems like it would …

Divorce Insurance — What Will be Next?

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James Gross, who writes the Maryland Legal Crier blog, always comes up with interesting posts, and the following is one of the best. Here is a recent post by James: “Want to buy some divorce insurance? Jennifer Saranow Schultz reports in the New York Times that SafeGuard Corp. of North Carolina is offering the world’s first divorce insurance called WedLock. …

Woman Marries 23 Times

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James J. Gross, of the Maryland Divorce Legal Crier, has a knack for finding interesting and offbeat stories that relate to marriage and divorce. I have reprinted the following item from his blog which got the information from nbcchicago.com. The story about a true believer is really appropriate for the Valentine Day season . “Linda Wolfe of Indiana, born Linda …

Financial Crisis

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From yesterday’s Maryland Divorce Legal Crier, by James J. Gross: ‘This is worse than a divorce. I’ve lost half my money and I still have a wife.’-Unnamed Investor[Don’t worry, women can use the joke also.]James is always a great source for interesting and often amusing comments.