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We help people get peaceful divorces by resolving issues outside of court by a variety of approaches.

We recommend the Collaborative divorce process, but also find mediation and informal negotiations effective in some cases. Sometimes, people just need some information or suggestions and they can handle things on their own. We are fine with that, although we need to know some details about the case before we can suggest things.  We can also review paperwork if you have reached your own agreements.

Important Note:  We cannot represent both parties or advise both parties in a divorce.  That is  a conflict of interest.

We don’t believe one size fits all. We do recommend using litigation only as a last resort.

Experience and knowledge are big factors in effective representation. With over 35 years of experience, being a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law and a Master Credentialed Collaborative attorney, we can help you find or create peaceful decisions even in difficult cases.

Call 817-338-4633 for an appointment to discuss your possibilities.

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