Family Law Consulting and Limited Scope Divorce


Sometimes, people have questions about Family Law procedures,  preparing documents or simply the meaning of certain terms. Even if you want to do as much as possible for yourself, you may have important questions you need answered. Plus, a very common situation is just wanting someone to look over your work to see if you missed something or worded something improperly.

We are happy to be hired to discuss Family Law issues, documents and solutions. We don’t have to be hired to take over a case. If you can handle a matter and want to, we can help your peace of mind by reviewing it.

In past reviews, we have found and explained problems about incomplete orders, timing and overlooked issues.  We are often able to suggest better ways of dealing with situations. In many cases, just explaining how the proposed order works and what different terms mean have made a tremendous difference for our consulting clients.

Important Note: We cannot meet with you to discuss your case if you are already represented by an attorney. If you are not represented, we are happy to help.

Help on DIY Divorce.

We can help with the following for Do-It-Yourself Divorces:

  • Prepare paperwork, including orders and court forms.
  • Advise you prior to mediation.
  • Review a proposed mediation agreement.
  • Review paperwork for a case.
  • Brainstorm with you on different solutions for your issues.
  • Represent you in a mediation — especially if there is an attorney for the other side
  • Go to Court with you to prove up a divorce or other court order.

Other Family Law Issues:

We also help on other Family Law Issues, such as:

  • Calculating child support.
  • Represent or advise in pre-nuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement negotiations.
  • Help resolve a grandparent access issue.
  • Help clarify Court orders.
  • Help correct Court order mistakes (when possible!).

For direct answers to your questions or for help in deciding the best way to proceed, contact us to make an appointment for a consultation.