After It’s Over

How We Can Help

Loose Ends:  Once a divorce or other family law matter is completed, the parties usually begin to feel a sense of relief. Sometimes the case has been bitter and hard-fought, and other times the case may have been rather amicable or even tedious, but the case is rarely completely over. There always seem to be loose ends, unanticipated wrinkles and nagging questions.

What We Can Do:  The Price Law Firm does several things to help our clients in the transition to living under new arrangements.

1.  Other Professionals:  We can help you get professional, skilled help for big and small problems. We are happy to recommend other appropriate professionals to assist our clients. If you think you might benefit from working with any of the following professionals, give us a call and we will be happy to refer you to some appropriate and qualified helpers. Here are some possibilities.

2.  Information:  We can recommend some books and web sites to look at on a variety of topics relating to various aspects of post-court life.

3.  Finding Other Lawyers:  We are also happy to act as a legal clearinghouse in non-family law matters to help you find excellent attorneys for your needs in Tarrant County, and to some extent all around Texas and even in other states.

4.  Free After-Care Consultation:  We can set up an after-care meeting for you once your legal matter is concluded. It is a free 1 hour consultation within 60 days of the date the final court order is signed, in which we:

  • Answer your questions.
  • Explain the language in the order.
  • Explain the procedures in the order.
  • Discuss your options.
  • Recommend any other professionals who should be brought in.
  • Suggest any changes you might want to consider in the future as the situation changes, i.e. the kids get older!

[The after-care program is subject to change without advance notice.]

At the Price Law Firm in Fort Worth, Texas, we take seriously how we offer services to our clients. With over 30 years of experience in family law, we recognize that many people have a difficult time after the final court order is signed. Their lives don’t just magically fall back into place. We’re here to help even when it seems like it’s all over.