New Year. New Start.

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With a new year upon us, you may be deciding to take charge of your life.  You may be in a marriage that you know is going nowhere and which is slowly draining you of your energy and happiness. Even with that realization, change can be tough.  People get comfortable in the known situation even if they aren’t really happy. …

Changes Are Here!

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After over five years with the same format and colors, we are trying a little different arrangement and different colors on the blog.  We may make a few other changes in the near future.Please let us know what you think about the changes.  Thanks for reading!

How to Tell Your Kids About the Divorce

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One of the hardest things parents going through a divorce have to face is telling their children about the divorce.  There are no easy answers and no single answer on how to do it.  The parents need to plan how and when to talk with the kids about the divorce. Here are 7 tips about how to tell your children …

Can You be a Friendly Parent?

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While scanning the Internet the other day, I ran across an interesting article in “The Australian”. I don’t remember how I got there, but it was fun reading about what was going on in Australia in the realm of family law.While I don’t have all the context of Australian law, it is apparent that some revision of their family law …

Tips for Managing Documents to Save Money on Attorney’s Fees

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Two perennial topics for most people going through a divorce or dealing with a family law issue are how to best manage the documents that are inevitably required and how to cut down on their attorney’s fees. For many reasons, we always seem to deal with a lot of documents in any case, although some cases are naturally worse than …

Why Does it Take So Long?

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For at least half of the parties, and often for both, one of the biggest annoyances of the divorce experience is how long it takes. Going through the process, the parties often become very frustrated. Divorces are rarely smooth, completely agreeable transactions. In virtually every case, even when both parties want the divorce and both parties are mature, respectful and …

How to Deal with Last-Minute Visitation Issues

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At this time of year, and at other times just before holidays and vacation times, it is not unusual to have conflict between parents over visitation/access with the children. A variety of circumstances can lead to the problems: Sometimes the existing court orders are a little vague. Sometimes the parents have been doing things by agreement a certain way and …