How We Charge

Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer Dick Price

Hourly Fees: The  rate is  $350.00  per hour.     Our written fee agreement spells out in detail how the hourly rate works and what you will be charged for.  Please read the agreement carefully before you sign it.   We want to discuss any concerns and questions you have.  The point of the fee agreement is for both of us to have a clear understanding of the financial terms of the representation.

Your Choice:  Maintain  a Retainer Balance or Pay Automatically by Credit Card
Our clients have a choice of either a Retainer or an automatic credit card payment.

  • If you want to use a Retainer, we will set an amount at the initial conference with you.  You will then be notified to replenish the retainer each month to keep that same level on hand.
  • If you want to use the credit card automatic payment, you will provide  credit card information and sign an agreement setting up an automatic billing system on the credit card each month.

In both approaches, monthly statements are sent out at the first of the month specifying the work done and hours expended in the previous month. In retainer cases, notices for additional retainer deposits are sent out as needed.  In credit card charge cases, the charges are run on the 15th of the month.

What Should You Do? When we first meet,  we will discuss both options with you  and let you choose the plan you prefer.   Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card.  Different people have different preferences for payment and different cash flow abilities.  Many people want to put the charges on credit cards in order to gain the rewards from the cards.